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Sunday, June 1st, 2008
12:33 pm
Our blogs have moved. Matt's is at hoss_tbf. Bill's is billchenpoker. Bill's web page (under construction) is here.
Sunday, November 25th, 2007
4:18 pm
I am out 36th
$3238 cash. BTW Matt Savage was the tournament director, so it was good to catch up with him. Apparently he had no idea Steve Landrum had moved out of the area, and he seemed a bit surprised when I told him Sabyl and Steve were married.

So all of these tables from here on out are 8-handed, I think that's a great idea BTW.. We started at the 800-1600, 200 level the first two hands someone raised, and I moved in and took the pot, so that was a good start. Up to 58k. Then, I raise two off the button with 33, to 4500, BB goes all-in for 14.5K. Call or fold? i decide to call and lose to A9.

So i am down to 40K, play hands, lose, etc, ante some more. So I am down to 26K or so, now the limits are 1k-2k, 300, 8 handed. Player to the right in the Sb makes it 7k, you have Q2s, what do you do? I decided to call. Flop is 775, he checks, I decide to check. Turn is a Q, he bets 8k, I decided to jam, although Terrence makes an argument for calling and playing the river in position. Anyway he folds, and he tells me later "i actually had two overcards to the board even then." Given his play and talk later I think he was telling the truth, comments? It's pretty bad not to bet AK on that flop I think.

So Terrence is on the rail watching, I'm one for one bubbling while he is watching in tournaments. So 48 left, 40 pay, farm farm farm, seek the bubble, farm some more. So I get moved to a new table with 42 left. BTW, twice today I got moved from the BB to the cutoff, once when the table broke but the second time was to balance a table, Terrence thinks this is wrong but shrug. Anyway first hand, limits 1200-2400 with 400 antes, UTG limper, 2nd UTG limps, player raises to 8K, you are on the cutoff with 32K and AQ, your move? I decided not to move there and folded.

So you hear "Dealers hold up after this hand" meaning there is 41 left, and they are going hand for hand. You have 31K in the cutoff at the same level, and see QJ. The BB is reasonably stacked, about 80K or so. I decided to move this time, and everyone folds. BTW we received 10K chips for a $2500 buyin initially and get the $3238 for coming in 40th if it affects your decision. You also hear Hawrilenko's voice going in your head "Seek the bubble, seek the bubble!"

Anyway, I jammed, took the blinds. Then made the money, and got no hands until I was down to 23K. I jammed with 66 in the cutoff and ran into QQ. And that's why I am going to Hong Kong later tonight with Terrence.
Saturday, November 24th, 2007
8:28 pm
APPT Macau
At the end of the night, of the 352 starting players we are down to 77, we started with 10K, I am up to 41.3K, slightly below average. 40 places pay.

So the first couple of levels I play a lot of hands and have a little below 7500. The blinds start at 25-50 and then double to 50-100 then 100-200 then 100-200 with antes, I coninue playing a few more hands and get back to 11K.

The hand of note here is against a player named Jay in seat 9. I am on the button while he is in the BB. I have 76s in the 100-200 round with 25 antes. A couple of limpers, so i limp in als0. Flop comes 9c4h3c. They check to me, I decide to bet 1000 because of my gutshot. Jay calls, everyone folds. Jay takes a long time to call, but I'm not really sure what to make of it. From earlier conversation, Jay is an online pro who does well playing online tournaments, so he isn't one of those guys who tanks before every major action. In any case the Ac comes on the turn. Check, check. I think I want the free card with the option of bluffing/bluff raising if I miss. Well river is the 3h. Jay checks, I decide to bluff 3K. Now Jay really goes into the tank. He says "you must have filled up," etc. BTw I have 4K left now. Jay says "well I am gonna fold but I'll show you my hand" he turns over a T high flush, and folds! Well I turn over my hand also. He did seriously ask about the hand, my comment was bascially well I would have made a bet on the river, but like the trap worked he did induce me to bluff.

Anyway, so there's this aggressive player in seat 3. Well maybe aggressive isn't the right word. He calls a lot, then makes these oversized bets into the pot with position. He is not getting called much but when he gets called he has been getting pretty lucky on the rivers. He escaped for a chop against the nuts a couple of times, betting on a board of kqjt and rivering the ace, etc. He also has gotten bet into when he had the nuts a couple of times, now he has oover 50K. So now I have about 11K. I raise in early position with AsKh, he calls in the field. Flop 9s7s3c, I decide to bet 1K. (I think this was still the 100-200 round with 25 antes). He calls. Turn is the Kh, I decide to check, he bets 2500, I call. River is the 6d, I check$ he pushes all-in, I call, he shows Q2 qith the Qs.

Anyway at the dinner break we play a couple more rounds and I still have about 20K.

After dinner, we are playing 300-600 with 75 antes, but it's only 8 handed. I am on the button with and make it 1800. Jay raises to 5500 in the SB, BB folds, I jam for what seems like 13K more in his stack, you are Jay with KQ, what do you do? He decided to call, I have AK and I win. Comments? He told me he thought that my raise of hands was pretty loose on the button (well, ok that may be true) and he tought I was capable of "making a play." Actually, I don't know about the second part, I mean I also pointed out he's getting pretty damn good odds to call. Anyway I will leve the comments to you.

So I build up to about 55K when my QQ hold up against AJ, get up to 70K lose bback down to 60K, then the following hand happens. Blinds 600-1200, 200 antes, 9 handed. UTG goes all-in for 14.1K folded to me in the SB with AQ, covering the SB who has about 30K. What do you do? I decided to jam. I mean it turned out okay this time with jammer having KQ, but I ended up getting rivered.

That's how I have 41.3K going into today. I decided to skip the 9:30am bungee jump.
12:23 pm
*think* it's Friday afternoon in the US, if so have a good rest of the Thanksgiving holiday! My flight came it at 9pm last night in Hong Kong (Thursday night). After figuring out how to get to the Macau Ferry--BTw Hong Kong downtown is beautiful--and then cabbing it from the ferry it was about midnight. So of course I rested for an hour and went to the PokerStars party until 4am. BTW I have a newfound respect for Team PokerStars member Isabelle Mercier, she can party pretty hard. Apparantly according to eyewitnesses, I stuffed a balloon down my shirt and was dancing on stage to "don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me", while she was squeezing the balloon. Anyway I go to sleep around 4am, get up at 8am because my clock is a little messed up and eat breakfast, then go back to sleep.

The tournament starts at 12pm. Oh so if we bust on Day 1, Team PokerStars decided to do some team bungee jumping off the Macau tower, 245 meters or something like that. So like I don't mind that much if I bust out, the bungee jumping sounds like fun but something I wouldn't get the nerve to do myself. Also Terrence Chan is here and knows Hong Kong pretty well so it would be cool to hang out with him if we both bust. I really want to see Hong Kong, eat some real cantonese food, go to some clubs, etc. So that's how the tournament starts.
Thursday, June 28th, 2007
6:07 am
To play or not to play...
Today I made it to the second day of the Omaha 8
event but with only 6.5K chips remaining with 81
players left, average is 30K, 54 make the money.

The limits are 1500-3000 tomorrow so obviously I have one hand at 2pm. The question is whether I should buy into the 12pm 5K short handed NL tourney. I think I have a pretty good overlay in this event ( I won the bracelet last year in the 2500 short handed, and short handed NL is cool). The factors in favor are that I could only play for one hand in the O8 and I would hate to miss out on the overlay for the 5K NL. However, the fact that it is short handed means I will probably lose 1500 in chips the third hour of the NL tourney.

I think it's close...

Monday, June 25th, 2007
1:27 pm
Shootout ethics and such
So there has been much discussions on the forums about the deal I made at my shootout table when I had a 21:9 chip lead and made a deal with the guy for 25% of my equity going forward.

LEt me say at the point I made the deal, it was clear the floor was allowing such deals and we called a tournament director over when we asked whether we were even able to negotiate. He was standing there the whole time we talked abut the deal, and when we threw in the chips.

I do understand the arguments that such deals shouldn't be allowed since it affects other players in the tourney not privy to the deal. In light of this, I support the policy going forward to not allow such deals or any deals unless agreed to by all the players. Personally, I will not make such a deal again.
Tuesday, June 19th, 2007
1:48 am
2500 Short handed
It's been a little frustrating. Started with 5K, got to 25K, then lost a few confrontations, got back up to 17K then busted out with 130 left, 78 got paid. I had a few interesting decisions, will post them later.

Congrats to Sabyl Cohen for her 11th place finish in the 1500NL in a field of 2300+.

My parents as well as Carole and Josh Grant visited over the weekend, so was able to get away from the Rio for a few hours.

Anyway tomorrow is the Heads up match play.
Saturday, June 16th, 2007
9:20 pm
On Card Player TV

Still have only cashed twice. I made it to the final 35 in the stud8, but they paid 24. I will have some time probably in the next few days (I plan to play the NL events instead of the stud ones) to update some of the hands.
Thursday, June 14th, 2007
6:35 pm
Out of the PLO, Now playing the Stud 8, 5K NL report
Not much to report. My bust hand i limped behind with (K6)cK5 with 2800 behind, player behind me raised to 400, limper calls, I call.

Flop is J74, with two clubs. I bet the pot, the original raiser raises the pot. He has (AQT)c Q
Not that this is a situation you hope for in PLO but he still had a club, a Q, and an A for outs...

3K is chips is not much.

So one hand in the 5K NL was the subject of a lot of discussion. I raised in about 4 off the button with AA to 150, remember we have 10K and the first round the blinds ate 25-50. Two cold callers behind. Flop is K76, I bet 500, which is probably an overbet on this static board. One of the two calls behind. Turn is a 3, I check, he bets 2500 (!!) and I fold.

Russ Rosenblum said after I folded that he thought the way the guy bet he had a set of 7's. I am always a little more suspicious (like why not a set of 6's???), but I did think he had a strong hand, of course some people think AK is a strong hand there.

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
10:00 pm
My second cash
I posted last last message when I was sleepy. Barry actually had the open kings on 6th.

So I played in the 1500 NL shootout today. The way it works it that each table is played down to 1 as in a satellite.

Partway through the first round I made a 4000:2000 "must win table" bet with Gavin Smith, when I had about a 2:1 chip lead (he was on a different table). SO Gavin busts, I get heads up with a 21K:9K chip lead on my opponent. He agrees to take 25% of my equity for the rest of the tourney for me winning the table.

So here's the question, what's Gavin's financial liability?

Anyway play starts again at 9pm.

Monday, June 11th, 2007
4:23 am
Quick update
I busted out of the Stud but cashed in the 1500 Stud event. It was interesting actually--there were situations where farming was correct. The problem was that the payout for 40th was 3612, or more than twice your 1500 buyin. With about 10k chips, two out of the money and 1500-3000 rounds with Barry Greenstien opening in steal position with a Q, I had (77)6. Normally I reraise, am probably going to commit but survival is worth over 7K in chips.

After making it into the money, Barry raises a completion with Kd showing, I make it three bets with pocket KK. Barry calls, he catches a diamond on 4th a Q on 5th and king on 6th. I meanwhile make an open pair of kings on 6th when I make an open pair of 9's. So he makes his flush on the river and I am done.
Thursday, June 7th, 2007
11:41 am
5K stud Event
So total success for the us today. I have 41.4K in the 5K Stud, about double an average stack, Jerrod after cashing earlier today has 29K in the Stud and Matt made it to the money last night in the 2K NL with about 40K.

So I love playing stud, my best win rates (live) have been in Stud tournies, of course these were $100 buyins back in the day. So I had two big hands.

So Layne Flack had 20K early (out of a 10K stack) on one hand I had (Q3)K and raised as a steal (BTW this i normally a bad steal but I was in late position and the highest card was duplicted 6). Layne calls with a 4d. I catch a 3, giving me a small pair, laybe catches a Tc. I bet and get raised, and I call. Laybe ctaches a 5d to match his 4d, I catch a 7. He bets, decsion time. Well I mean I am in pretty good shape against a pair, I dunno if he has anything more serious so I call. 6th brings him the Jd and me another 7. I check-call. I fill up with a 7 on the river and check-raise, and win. Layne goes "You caught runner-runner-runner sevens to fill up!" Chris Ferguson apparantly had to hear about it throughout dinner.

So I had another tough decision with 23K later in the tourney. We're playing 600-1200 with 100 antes and a 200 bring. An ace raised from a solid but good player, a T calls, I call wih JT9 of hearts, there are two hearts out. I catch a queen on 4th the other hands seem to catch blanks the A bets, T7 calls, I decide to raise, the ace reraises gettign the toehr player out and I call. He keeps pushing it, on 6th he catches another A, and I still only have the str8 draw. Now what? Well I decide to call, the reraise on 4th might be two pair, but it really doesn't have to be. IT eems wimpy but I make the str8 on the river and just call down again and win the pot.

Play resumes at 3, many happenings are going on in the Rio I will report on them when I have time
Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
3:18 pm
Matt's adventures so far.
So Matt is also struggling a little, but doing nominally better than I am, he cashed for under 5K in the 1500 limit holdem event.

If you guys recall Matt bubbled in the 50K HORSE event and lost out on 137K, the biggest bubble in tournament poker history.

So in the 5K mixed limit/NL tourney, otherwise known as Event 1, 46 players remain. 45 get paid. Matt has 60K (we started with 10K so he's below average but he's near certain to be in the money if he decides to sit). 45th pays 11K. A player who previously raised a position later with 54s now open raises for 10K, Matt has AK on the button.

What would you do? Well Matt jammed, called by QQ and lost. I think it's the right play, but it certainly seals his fate as bubble boy.

3:10 pm
Other tournies
Jerrod has 95K chips in the 1000 rebuy he's 17th out of 81, first prize is over half a million. They are in the money already, play resumes at noon.

I busted out on an interesting hand in this one. So on a previous hand, with blinds 100-200 and me having around 1)K, a player limps in the field. I raised to 700, everyone folds except this player who calls. I bet 1000 and take it on the flop.

So on this hand this player limps in early position. I have 12K and I make it 700 with KdQd and everyone folds, except this player who calls. Flop is 7d5d4h he checks, I bet 1000. Now he check-raises to 2500. I decided to jam, he instantly calls with 77 and I fail to catch the diamond. After a little analysis, I sitll like my play here, opinions?

Congratulations to Gavin Smith! He finished 2nd in the Pot Limit Holdem, I know the really wanted to win, but 2nd is well deserved, and you gotta be lucky to win a bracelet right?
2:55 pm
WSOP 2007
This is Bill I think Matt has decided he's too busy to blog this year.

Okay, I jut got my laptop yesterday, I plan to start blogging today. So no luck in the WSOP yet, but of course it's early. Today I am in perhaps the softest Omaha-8 field ever, play resumes at 3:00, I have around 10K, 180 players left, they pay 63 players. I have to basically triple up for an in the money stack.

So we started in the tent otherwise known as the
Pavillion while the winds were whisping outside. The lights were waving back and forth and the support beams were rattling like crazy. The Rio staff insisted on running the tourney there, saying of course we were free to leave the tent if we were worried for safety issues. I had decided I was going to leave and be blinded off if they made us keep playing I mean 1500 really isn't worth like something that's dangerous. Anyway after one of the support beams seemed to snap, they decided to give us an early dinner break, and then they moved us all inside at 10:30.

My coolest hand was defending the blind with (j7)43 against a button raiser and scooping on a board of KJ872 with a pair of 7's and 43 low, the raiser had A2. But like this is a pretty soft field, like people opening with KQJ7 in the field. Also the pots were limped more often than not, so I had the option of playing for more money if I wanted with good hands or getting free plays in the blinds.

Anyway play starts again at 3pm. I really want to play the Stud 5K event, so if I bust I will rush over there and buy in.
Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
2:14 am
Out of Bellagio 25K
This is Bill.

So I guess last hand first. KK on the button with 68K, limits 400-800 with 100 antes. Cutoff who covers me raises to 2600, I make it 8000, he calls. Flop is Q83, he checks I bet 13K, he check raises to 30K, I think for a bit and commit, he has 88.

For what it's worth, it didn't feel like he was making a play. But once I put AQ in his range of hands, I decided that to call with KK.

On a hand earlier, I had an interesting hand against Greg Alston--I haven't played with him for several years, but he's a high limit player from the Bay Area. I have about 55K. AsKs in the SB, Alston raises 5 off the button (400-8, 1 limit as before) for 2500. I decide to call, I suppose that's the first non-standard decision. I don't really mind playing 3-handed especially with the BB who was inexperienced, and felt Alston would autobet the flop since that's was his style--of course that isn't necessarily indicative of how he's going to play against me in a 25K event.

Anyway the BB folds. Flop is J55, one spade. I check, he bets 3K, I call. Turn is a J, check-check. River is a K. I check, he bets 6500, I call, he mucks without showing.

Now my natural reaction was to bet the river hoping to get paid off by a weaker king or perhaps even ace-high. However I decided on checking a hand that I was pretty confident was the best hand. I thought the weaker king was a non-issue as he would definitely bet a king. One factor also is his river bet would probably be bigger than my river bet since I want to bet small enough to make ace-high indifferent. Also given the check-check on the turn it makes ace-high less likely.

Comments welcome on either of those hands.
Monday, April 23rd, 2007
2:38 am
Bellagio 25K WPT Event
This is Bill.

I have to say, I made sure I was focused and rested for this event:-). Matt was here with five of his buddies for a bachlor party for one of the group. We had dinner at Emril's Steakhouse at the Venetian, then they had reservations for the nightclub Tryst at the Wynn. It's one of the hottest nightclubs in town, normally I'd be all for going, but I decided to skip it and go to sleep a little after midnight, it turns out they stayed up until six... To be fair there were mitigating circumstances like a sprained ankle preventing me from dancing (or walking much).

Anyway, on an unrelated matter, the second round Matt has around 53K, blinds 100-200. There is a limper, so he makes it 800 with AhKd, and gets 4 callers. He bets 2500 on a Jack-high flop with three hearts, a player raises to 10K. So what actually happened was Matt jammed and the player called with the king-high flush. There was much discussion about the play afterward, but I'll let others comment first.

My table was pretty tough, Seat 8 is Brandon Cantu, Seat 9 is Patrick Antonius, seat 10 is Surindar Sunar, Seat 1 is Russ Rosenblum, and I am in seat 3. I mean, it's probably better I am behind all those guys but it still makes it tough,

So I myself lost a lot of chips on a few hands against the weakest player at the table. First hand, blinds 100-200, I raise with TT four off the button, he calls in the field. Flop is 987, I bet 1K, he calls. turn is a 4, I bet 1K again, he calls, river is a Q, I bet 1k a third time, he calls with AQ. Later, I make it 550 with KK two off the button, he calls in the SB, the BB makes it 1500, I decide to be tricky and just calls, the weak player calls in the SB again. This turns out to be my downfall as the flop is T97 with two clubs, the weak player bets out 3K, 5K and then 5K, I decide to call down he has Kc8c and made his flush on the turn,

Anyway this downturn continues until I have about 22K from my starting stack of 50K. So then I pick up AK, 200-400 with 25 antes. There is a limp for 400, Cantu makes it 1700, you are around two off the button. What do you do? Well I jammed and picked up the blinds and antes. So now I have 25K, limits go up, blinds 300-600, antes 75. Patrick Antonius opens for 2100 early, I pick up AK again in the SB, well? Jam and take the pot. People thought these were oversized raises, but Russ afterward said he would have done the same thing with AK.

So then 4 off the button, I make it 1800 (the 300-600 limit). Cantu is in the SB with 77, what would you do with his hand? Antonius is in the BB and will be more likely than most people to call 1200 more, so I think the call with 77 is reasonable. Cantu has around 65K, Antonius has 100K, I have 28K. Flop is T98, now what would you do with Cantu's 77? He checked, checked around to me, I bet 5000, now Cantu makes is 17K total, fold, I jam, he is pretty much forced to call with 77, I actually have JJ and double up, opinions?

That's sort of the story of how I made it with 53,800. Play starts at noon tomorrow.
Sunday, April 1st, 2007
12:36 pm
Damage Control
This is Bill.


So like these pictures came out this morning.

What really happened: There was a fairly wild (by US
standards) party at Black Diamond in Monte Carlo.
There was a stage and pole thing next to the dance
floor. Of course the local hotties where dancing on
stage (you see pictures of them).

So during one break the left the stage empty while the
music was playing. Since I was close to the stage I
got up there and started dancing suggestively with the
pole. Encouraged by the crowd I started taking my
shirt off. It just so happened most of the poker
media were at this event so they had video and camera.

If you see the whole dance routine all will be clear, and I think everyone will understand.
Friday, March 30th, 2007
1:25 pm
Bill out of the EPT
Well the hand I went out on wasn't particularly intersting. I defended my blind with JTs from a 2nd UTG raise to 1600 (blinds 300-600 with 75 antes). Flop was JT9, we put all our money in on the flop eventually (I had 13K left), he had QQ, and I fail to catch two unpaired blanks (actually the turn and river were K's).

A little before that was an interesting hand. Same limits player who's seems a little loose raises UTG on my left for 1800 (I had just been moved to the table recently). Gavin Griffin calls in the field, Carlos Mortensen also calls in the SB--Carlos thinks about it for a little, it seems he could have been thinking about reraising, he has a massive chip stack, or maybe that's just how he acts.

I look down and find AdQd in the BB with about 13K left. What do you do? Well I called. I figured I could flop an A, Q, or flush draw and be able to get my chips in against one of those guys instead of reraising. I think given the range of hands of the initial raiser and lack of reraise, the only vaible options are jam or call.

Anyway the flop came 3 small clubs, UTG raiser jammed for over 20K, Gavin calls, Carlos thinks and mucks, so I muck. It turns out UTG had AT with the A of clubs, Gavin had KcQc, Carlos had TcTx. So if I had jammed, Carlos says he definitely calls.

It turned out I would have just given Carlos more chips, but definitely if I had known how loose UTG really was then jamming is clear. The lack of re-raise by the other two also limits their hands.


So the story of how I ended the first day with 13,800 out of a starting stack of 15K. Well, I actually thought I made some weak plays here and there. There also do seem to be some "cultural" differences between European players and WSOP players that threw me off a little. First, what's with all the limping preflop? Also, I think there is a lot more slowplaying in Europe--both in choosing to do it with a strong hand and what qualifies as a slowplay. Maybe it's realted, but there's less betting of medium strength hands to "protect your hand" and more checking and inducing bluffs. Some of the mannerisms also are a little different so my weak/strong reads and preflop folding reads seemed to be off. So I guess it was a good learning experience.

In the first round I got pocket aces twice and was able to get up to 23K. First hand of the tournament, "Dealer button will be in seat 3." Yay! I look down and I have aces--life is beautiful . We start with 15K--it was a e10K buyin so I joke that these are "American dollar" chips. Blinds of 25-50. A couple of limpers. I don't know anyone at the table except for Paul Ladanyi, Hungarian who used to live in LA. I decide to play exploitively by raising to 300--these guys only know me from publicity and haven't directly witnessed my play so I think it's reasonable to try to exploit here. Two callers--BTW this seems to happen a bit here limping then calling a big raise. Flop is 553. Check to me, I continue the theme by betting the entire pot, 1K. Turn is a J. Check, I am a little wary afteer all this IS the first hand so I check behind. River is a third 5. He bets 3K, I decide it;s safe and raise 4K more. It's an older guy and he starts muttering in French and folds. This is a good start. BTW he claims to have pocket QQ to his friends--it's kinda a weird atmosphere, there are official rules, "English only, etc" but then there are friends aroudn the table without a rope and people just tlking back and forth.

So later in the round, same Frenchman to my right raises to 150 on the button. In the SB I have aces, so I make it 400. He calls. Flop is 542. Going with the simlar theme from before, I bet 1000, he raises to 3K, he has 6K left. I intend to go all in, but I think that if I raise back immediately he might fold, while he might continuation bet if I just call here. Turn is a 3, so at this point I figure I have to go all in now, so I jam. He says he has KINGS, shows them to his kibitzer friend and folds. At this point, I hope someone else at the table asks to see his cards--I refrain from doing so.

I mean it's a really weird way of playing Kings right?

So I am up to 23K and it goes downhill from there. More hands later.
Thursday, March 29th, 2007
9:42 pm
Well I didn't completely hose
I am left with 13,800 at the end of the night. We start again at 2pm tomorrow. I think I'll try to go to sleep then post tomorrow about hands.
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